What are the benefits of the Cold Watch temperature and humidity sensors and monitoring system?

With Cold Watch we created an end-to-end monitoring system that can be deployed in a variety of settings, including production facilities as well as static or mobile storage facilities.

Our unit is compact, high configurable, and uses the GSM network to transmit readings to a centralised cloud-based reporting system that can be figured to suit your requirements.

Using real-time temperature and humidity readings, you can optimise production and mitigate the risk of products spoiling.

Cold Watch monitoring unit

Effectively measure and record the temperature of your fridge & freezer

Effective management of your cold chain can be challenging. Your products might be stationed at multiple locations from point of origin to destination. Each of these locations requires to maintain proper environmental control to ensure your products do not spoil. For some industries this might mean only regulating temperature, for others, it might be the combination of temperature and humidity.

Cold Watch System Features

The Cold Watch temperature and humidity monitoring system has been designed to monitor and log data from multiple locations. This includes the following features:
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Accurately measure temperature and humidity levels

The Cold Watch accurately measure temperature and humidity and transmits and logs the data on a secure cloud-based system. It is built to measure -55C to +125C and humidity levels of 0-100%.

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Measure multiple sensors in multiple locations

Cold Watch units allow for multiple sensors, typically up to 8 across multiple locations. For example, you might have 20 refrigerated units, each with 5 sensors that measure the door, first quarter, the center of the unit, at the back and main aircon/refrigeration motor.

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Configurable notifications and alarms

Our systems have configurable notifications and alarms with different priority settings. Receive email, as well as in-app notifications and program audible alarms on your cellphone to warn you of danger including open-or-closed door notification, as well as programmable refrigeration defrost cycles.

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Centralized and safe cloud-based reporting

Our system can maintain multiple sensors and locations at the same time and logs the information on a secure, easy-to-use cloud reporting platform. You choose if you want to see a bird's-eye view of the data or if you need to drill down for more information per location and per sensor.

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Configurable notifications and alarms

The Cold Watch unit is durable and has been designed to provide accurate information in harsh conditions. This includes geo-tracking mobile units. SANAS calibration and certification is available for those that require official certification and peace of mind.

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Perfect for static and mobile applications

Our system has been designed to work with multiple power sources and can be used in traditional brick and mortar structures, cold rooms, as well as mobile environments such as trucks, trailers and cold-storage containers. This includes remote locations that require solar-powered solution.

With Cold Watch you are able to:



Cold Watch is suitable for a wide range of industries and environments. Essentially any environment requiring temperature monitoring between -55C to +125C and humidity monitoring between 0-100%.

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Suitable for cold environments

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Suitable for hot environments

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Works in multiple industries

Our goal is to provide the most appropriate cold chain monitoring solutions