benefits of the cold watch temperature and humidity sensors
Benefits of the Cold Watch Temperature and Humidity Sensors

We are well into the month of love and romance and one can only imagine how disappointed Juliette would be if her Romeo presented her with melted chocolates or wilted flowers. These are both products that are part of the ‘cold chain,’ that require to maintain a certain temperature from their place of origin to their ultimate point of sale.

These type of products, and many other such as fresh food and pharmaceuticals, are stored and transported at the correct temperature. More importantly, these temperatures need to be constantly and accurately monitored throughout the cold chain process.

Monitoring Accurately in Real Time

Companies such as Cold Watch  utilise high-precision instruments known as real-time temperature and humidity sensors. This article reviews the benefit of the Cold Watch temperature and humidity sensors.

By using real-time temperature and humidity readings you can optimise production and mitigate the risk of your products or equipment suffering damages or loss.

Awareness Can Prevent Loss

Primarily if the temperature is suddenly lost at some point of the chain process, for example in transit, the products might be affected enough to be declared unfit for sale upon arrival. If the recipients were not informed along the cold chain in real time that the temperature had been compromised, they  may not be aware of potential losses during the transit route.

Knowing exactly how long the temperature was affected can assist them to determine if the products are still fit for sale –  thus mitigating wastage.

Further, if the driver and despatch are aware of a compromise in temperature they can adjust their schedules to ensure their estimated time of arrival will be sooner thus avoiding damage to the products.

Why Cold Watch?

 What are the benefits of the Cold Watch temperature and humidity sensors? Cold Watch supplies superior products and pride themselves on being at the cutting edge utilising and supplying state-of-the-art equipment when monitoring the cold chain.

The real temperature and humidity sensor unit is compact, highly configurable, and uses the GSM/Cell phone network to transmit readings to a centralised cloud-based reporting system that can be configured to suit specific requirements.

The mission at Cold Watch has always been for the primary focus to be on providing management solutions to stakeholders in the cold chain process so that product wastage can be minimised with accurate real-time data provided by tracking products on a global scale.

Talk to them today to ensure you receive the best service and products thus experiencing superior real-time cold chain monitoring.