certified temperature validation

Onsite Certified Temperature Validation

The accuracy and precision of temperature measurements are crucial for ensuring safety.

Having a reliable thermometer is important when manufacturing products that require specific temperatures.

There are many types and sizes of thermometers. Among the products we carry at Cold Watch are the Clamp thermometer, which is used to measure the surface temperature of an object, and the Air Probe, designed for measuring air flow temperature.

The importance of accurate temperature monitoring

To ensure accuracy, thermometers can be calibrated (or verified) by a Cold Watch technician, where after an official validation certificate will be issued. The process is known as certification or validation. The calibration process checks whether a device is working properly and gives technicians a sense of its accuracy. During validation, the results of the device are compared with other devices and laboratory standards to ensure accuracy.

Temperature measurements are vital to ensuring the quality and safety of products in many industries. Aside from ensuring the safety of food, temperature measurements in the pharmaceutical industry are important for preventing the contamination of drugs with harmful bacteria. For example, if you become ill and are prescribed antibiotics, both you and your doctor should be completely confident that those antibiotics are free of contamination by another disease-causing organism.

If the temperature of a chemical process is not controlled properly, it can result in serious safety hazards and product defects.

This means manufacturers need to calibrate thermometers correctly and validate their instruments before use. A thermometer’s accuracy can be affected by its location within a room or building and how much it’s been used in the past.

Our latest offering

Manufacturers should invest in regular maintenance checks and validation certification from an accredited calibration and validation lab like Cold Watch. This will ensure their equipment works properly. Our latest offering, Certified Temperature Validation in accordance with SANAS standards confirms and documents measurement accuracy. This ensures that your equipment provides reliable readings, consistently.