cold chain monitoring can even assist logistic companies to reduce fuel consumption
Cold Chain Monitoring can even assist Logistic Companies to Reduce Fuel Consumption!

It is great when there are benefits derived from unexpected sources. For example, one does not necessarily think of cold chain monitoring experts as being people who would assist logistics companies with vehicle and fuel tracking but due to the massive advancements in the technologies employed by some of the top cold chain monitoring companies cold chain monitoring can even assist logistic companies to reduce fuel consumption!

Why is it important?

Cold chain monitoring is in essence a part of supply chain management when referring to the transportation of cold chain products such as fresh foods, certain chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Supply chain management is a crucial part of logistics (in fact it is often categorised under logistics) and because fuel makes up a large part of this, fleet owners and fleet controllers need to make sure that they have a fault-free fuel tracking system to track their fuel as efficiently as possible.

The benefits of this are numerous and can even save a business from losing essential clients. Apart from the obvious financial savings, monitored fuel usage can sound a warning bell to fleet owners about anything out of the ordinary in the fleet, like an inefficient vehicle, driver pilferage, or drivers that are wasting fuel through poor driving habits.

Even more importantly, it acts as an emergency warning to fleet owners if a vehicle is running so low on fuel that it may not reach its intended destination at all, thereby giving them time to make alternative arrangements. This is particularly important when transporting any form of cold chain produce or products!

Where does cold chain monitoring come into it?

Sophisticated equipment is required to produce the most effective cold chain solutions, particularly in the transport sector, and advanced vehicle tracking devices are available from companies on the cutting edge of cold chain monitoring and management such as Cold Watch real-time monitoring.

Devices, like our ‘Mobile vehicle tracking unit,’ which is a customised monitoring unit for mobile vehicle applications, not only monitor the temperature and whereabouts of vehicles in transport but also fuel tracking to ensure that the loss of fuel can never compromise the timeous delivery of the load.

Hence, given the massive fuel price hikes in recent times, one of the most important savings in the trucking industry is that of fuel, and this is yet another benefit of the superior technologies provided by Cold Watch.

Talk to us today about cold chain monitoring and management. Whether your requirements are in storage, on the road, or both, we have the technology that assures freshness and the correct temperature are always maintained both before and during the delivery of your produce. The benefits are great – even unexpected benefits like cold chain monitoring assisting logistic companies to reduce fuel consumption!