how digital real time monitoring keep freezers at the right temperature
How Digital Real-Time Monitoring keep Freezers at the Right Temperature

We are now well into the festive season and more than ever masses of fresh produce and products are being shipped via one mode of transport or another so that we will all be able to enjoy the family meal on the big day and provide products for sale in outlets.

One of the great challenges that producers and retailers face is to ensure that the fresh produce arrives fresh at the point of sale and remains fresh until it is placed on the shelves. This obviously requires refrigeration being provided both in transport and on the ground at the point of departure, during transit and at the point of arrival. Products and pharmaceuticals require stability in their shelf life, thus maintaining the correct temperatures in their transit and handling is also essential.

The intricacy of maintaining the exact temperature of large-refrigerated or freezer units for a range of products and produce in the past has been challenging. Due to the advances in technology and the cold chain monitoring industry the solution can now be found in ingenious products supplied by professional Cold Chain Monitoring and Managing experts such as Cold Watch Real-Time Monitoring.

Measure Multiple Sensors in Multiple Locations

The Cold Watch digital real-time monitoring unit (or logger as it is also referred to) is a marvel of science and technology and is capable of efficiently maintaining the exact required temperatures of a freezer. 

It allows for multiple sensors (typically up to eight) across multiple locations. For example, you might have 20 refrigerated units each with five sensors that measure the door, first quarter, the centre of the unit, at the back and the main aircon/refrigeration motor. With a GPS receiver and a GSM modem, it is a multi-functional unit operating both in transit and on the ground and this is essential to maintain the cold chain throughout the producer-to-seller cycle.

It Does Not End There

This is just a brief summary of one aspect of the many areas of cold chain monitoring that is required to be applied and managed enabling a complete cold chain monitoring service. At Cold Watch Real-Time Monitoring we have developed a variety of products to expertly handle many aspects of cold chain monitoring as we believe in delivering only high-quality products and services to all our clients nationwide.

Products also include a custom designed and manufactured temperature probe, a high-accuracy humidity sensor, a customised monitoring unit for mobile/vehicle application and detailed monitoring applications for Web and mobile phones.

Contact us to talk about your specific cold chain challenges and let us find the perfect solution for you by utilising only the very best state-of-the-art equipment and expertise that comes from our many years of experience.

Thank you to all who have supported us during 2022 and may 2023 be a chain of exciting and rewarding experiences!