temperature maintenance and monitoring in cold storage
Temperature Maintenance and Monitoring in Cold Storage

There is no doubt that many people not familiar with cold chain monitoring may think of maintaining a cold chain from manufacturer to supplier is just about maintaining and monitoring the temperature in the trucks that ship the goods. Certainly, this is a vital aspect of cold chain monitoring, but there are also extended periods in which goods need to be maintained at certain temperatures prior, during and after transit.

This article, thus, reviews temperature maintenance and monitoring in cold storage – a vital part of the whole cold chain sequence.

Types of Cold Storage

Just like your small fridge/freezer combination at home, these are also (but just on a much larger scale) the two primary types of cold storage facilities – some for freezing and some for standardised refrigeration.

Freezing Chambers which are sometimes referred to as ‘negative temperature refrigeration chambers will generally have an average range between 0ºC and -28ºC, and even sometimes lower. These are utilised for food freezing or the preservation of biological material. We all remember the extremely low temperature at which the vaccines had to be maintained during the COVID-19 pandemic, illustrating that accurate cold storage temperature control can be a life-or-death scenario.

Refrigeration, or ‘positive temperature refrigeration chambers’ on the other hand generally maintain a temperature of between 10ºC and 0ºC and are mainly used to store fresh produce.

Cold Storage Areas

A few of the key areas that have to be rigidly temperature controlled would be;

  • Static fridges and freezers;
  • Commercial fridges and freezers display units;
  • All sizes and types of refrigeration units, which include walk-in fridge and freezer, cold rooms;
  • Refrigerated containers;
  • Fridge-freezer-container combo;
  • Blast freezers;
  • Server and generator rooms;
  • Green and hothouses;
  • Wine cellars and tanks;
  • Any type of temperature-sensitive application.
  • So, how is the correct temperature maintained and monitored in a cold storage environment?

Cold Storage Monitoring

The core focus should always be on real-time cold chain monitoring as provided by businesses such as  Cold Watch. We provide solutions carefully designed in collaboration with client-specific requirements. These requirements comprise the monitoring of temperature, humidity measuring, open or closed-door notifications, customised warnings and alert notifications to name a few.

We have several state-of-the-art products such as custom-designed and manufactured temperature probes and high-accuracy humidity sensors all with amazing features that allow us to set, maintain and monitor cold room temperatures accurately and constantly.

Cold Storage Maintenance

Cold Watch is one of the premier cold chain monitoring and management companies in South Africa and one of our specialised services is the maintenance of cold storage facilities. We are dedicated to maintaining software and hardware components during the contract period. Software updating will be carried out remotely when required without inconveniencing the client. In the event of a breakdown or damage to a Cold Watch system, repairs will be carried out by a certified Cold Watch subcontractor in the most appropriate time frame possible.

Whether it is the control of temperature on the move or in the storage environment Cold Watch has you covered so talk to us today about your specific cold chain monitoring and management requirements and let us introduce you to our extensive range of products and services.

If you are travelling to a holiday getaway soon, you will not need us to monitor your journey but please stay cool and drive safely!