vehicle tracking solutions that deliver real time data for your fleet!

Vehicle Tracking Solutions that deliver Real-Time Data for Your Fleet!

Being able to monitor and track the temperature of your perishable goods is vital to a variety of industries. From food to pharmaceuticals, chemicals and electronics, knowing the exact temperature at all times is necessary to ensure that your goods are safe. This means that from the point of the manufacturer to the final retail destination ‘cold chain monitoring’ is essential and often entails the requirement for a specific type of vehicle.

What are the Challenges?

Currently, there are vehicle tracking solutions that deliver real-time data for your fleet .

Some companies provide such equipment and manage the entire cold chain process, and it is advisable to utilise such businesses as they are specialists in this field. To prevent the loss of fresh cargo and products justifies engaging cold chain monitoring experts.

What are the challenges of transporting, monitoring or tracking and providing real-time reporting?

Reliable power supply – Equipment that monitors whilst in a moving vehicle requires its own power source and this must be a reliable one.

Relocation to other vehicles – The unit requires to be designed to be easily located from one vehicle to another. Large cumbersome devices would use more space than necessary and would not be applicable for this application.

Sim compatible – As real-time tracking is usually reported to mobile phones the tracking unit needs to be SIM card and roaming SIM compatible.

Satellite compatible – State-of-the-art tracking devices also requires to be GPS and GSM capable enabling reading via satellite tracking methods.

Great benefits 

Some of the great benefits to vehicle tracking in real-time is that at any time of the night or day you are fully aware of where all your vehicles in the fleet are and exactly what they are doing. You can let customers know exactly what your vehicle ETA is and you can even deliver a special emergency service to customers by connecting with the nearest truck to them.

Get the Best Vehicle Tracking Monitoring Solution Available 

Cold Watch Real Time Monitoring have the best monitoring equipment to meet all the criteria for vehicle tracking solutions that deliver real-time data for your fleet. Our ‘Mobile vehicle tracking unit’ is a state-of-the-art customised monitoring unit for mobile vehicle applications. It mitigates all potential challenges, with features that include…

  • Versatile 12V power source;
  • Compact unit designed for easy relocation;
  • SIM card and roaming SIM compatible;
  • GSM and GPS capable;
  • Live vehicle tracking.

This is everything you require, and the quality of our equipment, along with the level of our service is unrivalled anywhere. Talk to us today about all your Cold Chain issues, whether mobile or in storage – we have a solution for every Cold Chain challenge!