why cold chain monitoring is vital
Why Cold Chain Monitoring is Vital for Temperature Sensitive Products

When the vaccine for COVID-19 was announced it was shared how essential it was that it be shipped at the correct temperature, which was well below freezing. This serves as just one example of a temperature-sensitive products.

There are a variety of temperature-sensitive products such as medical products, and pharmaceutical products. Whether it is the aforementioned vaccines, blood products such as plasma and insulin or medical devices it is essential that these products when transported are protected from heat and remain at certain specified temperatures.

Other non-medical products include perishable items such as wine, ice cream, fresh fruit, meat, poultry and fish. Perishable products need to remain at a certain temperature from the point of production to the point of sale. Some of these products embark on extensive journeys which can include, shipping, storage and road transport prior to reaching the shelves of retailers or the end user.

Cold Chain Monitoring to the Rescue

This process is referred to as the cold chain. Cold chain monitoring is the use of state-of-the-art monitoring devices that continually monitor temperature-sensitive products being transported in the cold chain cycle.

Cold chain Monitoring is vital for Temperature-Sensitive Products. There are a variety of benefits in using cold chain monitoring and includes:

Accurate Data-Sharing and Reporting Fluctuations – As it involves real-time monitoring it streamlines the distribution of data regarding temperature-sensitive products by providing arrival and departure notifications along the transit routes. Upon arrival, the temperature-monitoring device also provides a report indicating any temperature fluctuations during transit.

Reduces Waste and Damage  When shippers and handlers are aware that a monitoring device is being used they execute their part of the cold chain more efficiently, improving their services to ensure that waste and damage is minimized.

A More Reliable Cold Chain is Produced – When the correct temperature-monitoring technology is implemented and communicated at every point of the cold chain to all participants, shipments travel more safely and the cold chain is regarded as reliable.

Preventing Product Delays and Wastage – The efficiency in monitoring the products and executing warnings if the temperature is compromised in real-time speeds up the transit process when necessary, preventing crucial delays and reports on the exact temperature fluctuations along the route. This further provides insight to the condition of the product. This can assist in avoiding unnecessary wastage.

Consult the Experts 

It is critical that cold watch monitoring is never compromised at any point in the cold chain. Cold Watch Real-Time Monitoring, utilising a unique combination of science, process and technology, ensures the effectiveness of temperature monitoring solutions in the cold chain environment, bridging the gap between industry, technology and the consumer.

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